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Treebit Privacy statement

Treebit Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Treebit”), according to the Personal Information Protection Act, has the following processing policies to protect the personal information and rights of the users and to smoothly process the personal information-related problems of the users:
In case of reforming the personal information process policy, Treebit will notify the fact to the website’s notice board (or will notify separately).
This policy is in effect from January 1, 2019.

1. The Purpose of Personal Information Processing.

Treebit Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Treebit”) shall process the personal information for the following reasons. The processed personal information will not be used outside of the following purposes, and the prior consent will be requested when the change of the purpose occurs

A. Sign-in and administration
The processing of personal information for notification and problem-solving purposes.

B. Complaint handling
The processing of personal information for the confirmation of the complaint, contact and notification for fact-finding, and result notification.

C. Providing goods or services
The processing of personal information for shipping of goods and the provision of the services.

Use in the marketing and advertisements
The processing of the personal information for providing promotional information, event information, participation change, grasping the access frequency, and statistical analysis of the service usage by the members.

2. Terms of the Processing and Storage.

① Treebit Co., Ltd (“Treebit”), when collecting the personal information, processes and stores the personal information within the process and storage period according to the ruling law or within the period of storage and used agreed by the principals of the information when the personal information was collected.
② The storage and process period per personal information is as follows:

1.(Complaint handling)
Personal information related to the (complaint handling) is stored and used for the usage purpose above for (3 years) from the date which agreement regarding the collection and usage took place.
Related statute: record regarding the consumer’s complaint or dispute process: 3 years

3. Rights and obligations of principals of information and their legal representatives, and the exercise method

The user, as a principal of personal information, can exercise the following rights:
① The principal of information can whenever exercise the rights to demand the browsing, correcting, deleting, and process halting regarding the personal information at any time.
② The exercise of the right according to the paragraph 1 can be done through documents, electronic mail, and FAX, according to the paragraph 1, article 41 of Enforcement Decree of the Personal Information Protection Act, and Treebit Co., Ltd will take the appropriate measure with no delay.
③ The exercise of the right according to paragraph 1 can be done through substitutes such as the legal representative of the principal of information or one who was delegated. In such cases, you must file power of attorney in a form designated in an 11th annexed paper of the enforcement regulations of the Personal Information Protection Act.
④ In terms of demands for browsing or process halting, rights of the principal of the information may be limited due to the Paragraph 5, Article 35, and Paragraph 2, Article 37 of Personal Information Protection Act.
⑤ In terms of demands for correcting and deleting the personal information, rights of the principal of the information may be limited when the relevant personal information is specified as the collection object in other laws.
⑥ Treebit Co., Ltd, confirms that if the demands of browsing, correcting, deleting, and process halting are made by the user oneself or entitled substitute.

4. Listing of the Processed Personal Information

① Treebit Co., Ltd, (hereinafter referred to as “Treebit”) processes the following personal information items:

1(Complaint Handling)
- Required items: Email, Cellphone number, Name, Company name

5. Destruction of the Personal Information

In principle, Treebit Co., Ltd, destroys the personal information when the purpose of the processing the personal information is fulfilled. The procedures, date, and methods are as follows:

-Destruction procedures
Information entered by the user is destroyed right away or after moved and archived in the separate DB (separate document in case of the paper) for a designated period after the purpose is fulfilled. The personal information moved to the DB is not used for the purpose other than due to the relevant law.

-Destruction term
When the archiving term has expired, the personal information of the user is destroyed within five days of the end of the archiving term. When the personal information is no longer required due to the fulfillment of the processing purpose, discontinuance of the relevant service, end of the business and so on, the personal information is destroyed within five days from the day which the processing is acknowledged to be unnecessary.

-Destruction method
Information in the form in the electronic file is destroyed with the technical method which prevents the reclamation of the record.

6. Subjects Regarding the Rebuff of the Installation and Operation of the Automatic Personal Information Collecting Device

① In order to provide the personalized service, Treebit Co., Ltd, uses Cookie which saves the usage information and frequently loads it.
② The cookie is the piece of information which the server used to operate the website (HTTP) sends to the computer browser of the user, and it is often saved within the hard drive or the PC of users.

A. Purpose of using the Cookie : The Cookie is utilized to provide the optimized information to the user by understanding the services that the user visited, visit and usage form from websites, popular keyword, whether if the secured connection is in place or not.
B. Rebuff of the Installation and Operation of the Cookie : You can rebuff to save the Cookie at Tools> Internet Option> Personal Information menu on the top of your web browser. If you rebuff to save the Cookie, there may be difficulties in using the personalized service.

7. Personal Information Protection Manager

① Treebit Co., Ltd, is designating the Personal Information Protection Manager as follows to oversee the tasks regarding the process of personal information in general and the complaint handling and damage relief for the principal of information regarding the process of the personal information.

▶ Personal Information Protection Manager
Name: Nam Il Heo Position: Team Chief Rank: Team Chief Contact Information: 1670-2701, [email protected], 02-6326-6315 ※ You will be redirected to the Personal Information Protection department.

② The principal of information can refer to the Personal Information Manager or the department for all personal information-related inquiries, such as complaints and damage relief occurred while using the service (or business) of Treebit Co., Ltd (‘http://treebit.co.kr’ hereinafter referred to as “Treebit”). Treebit Co., Ltd (‘http://treebit.co.kr’ hereinafter referred to as “Treebit”) will answer to and process your inquiry with no delay.

8. Change in Privacy Terms

①This Privacy Terms are in effect from the enforcement date. In case of addition, deletion, and correction, the change will be notified before seven days of the enforcement through public notice.

9. Safety Measures for Personal Information

Treebit Co., Ltd (“Treebit”), in accordance with Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Act, is taking technical, managerial, and physical measures required to ensure the safety.
1. Periodic Self-Inspection
We are conducting the self-inspection periodically (once in the quarter) to ensure the stability related to handling the personal information.

2. Minimized Number of Handling Personnel and Education
We are designating employees who handle the personal information and limit the access to people in charge to minimize the access, taking the measure to manage the personal information

3. Establishment of the Internal Management Plan and the Enforcement
We are establishing an internal management plan and enforcing them to process the personal information safely.

4. Encryption of the Personal Information
Among the personal information of users, the password is encrypted before storing and management, and only the user can know about it. We are also taking extra security measure by encrypting the file and transmission data for the important piece of information or utilize the file locking feature.

5. Limited Access to the Personal Information
Through granting, changing, and terminating the access authority regarding the database system which processes the personal information, we are taking the required measures for the access control to the personal information. We are utilizing the intrusion prevention system to control unauthorized access from the outside.

6. Locking Device for Documents Security
We are archiving the paper documents and auxiliary storage device in a safe location with the physical locking device.

7. Access Control to Non-Authorized Personnel
We have the separate location which stores and archives the personal information, and we have established the access control procedures and enforcing it.